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Celebrating 30+ Years Of coordinating support for the arts & humanities in the communities of Central Idaho.


Join us for a special community read of Henry David Thoreau's WALDEN, starting October 12th (or join anytime!): CLICK HERE for more info + to register. Registration is free!

free arts & education resources: Click here for a collection of FREE ART-CENTRIC resources we've curated especially for you (great for both kids and adults!).

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Membership in the McCall Arts & Humanities Council directly supports local youth art programs and accessible educational opportunities for everyone, all while saving 15% on all MAHC-offered classes and VIP access to members-only lectures and events! There are several ways to get involved with McCall Arts & Humanities Council:

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Mccall Arts & Humanities Council Inc

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The mission of the McCall Arts and Humanities Council is to nurture a community rich in culture, creativity, and imagination by providing people of all ages access to educational and inspirational programs.

Since 1989, the McCall Arts & Humanities Council has existed to help people “flex their imaginations.” Like a physical muscle, a strong imagination must be stretched and conditioned to be most effective. The arts and humanities matter because they engage our imaginations, allowing us to interpret the past, envision the future, and form a foundation for critical thought and pioneering ideas. By flexing our imaginations, we ultimately exercise our own humanity.

The McCall Arts and Humanities Council is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations to the MAHC are tax-deductible.

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