The more we learn about the heritage of our friends and neighbors the more cultural awareness we foster.  We deepen and create more meaningful interactions with those around us. We work to build a community based in respect and empathy for other people.  We learn to celebrate each others differences as well as our shared similarities and humanities. 

We see the beauty in each other.  

Thank you to everyone who attended our

15th Annual Heritage Night

Smokejumper Cultural Event

Stay tuned for for information on next year’s date and theme.


TBD April 2025

The Shore Lodge Upper Pavilion

6:00 – 7:30 pm

Action Smokejumper Photos Courtesy of Todd Haynes

Silent Auction

A small silent auction of art work is held during Heritage Night.  Please arrive early to begin bidding on the auction pieces.



Heritage Night Presentation Library




15th Annual Heritage Night

Smokejumper Cultural Event

We learned about a community within our community.


Tuesday, April 2 2024

The Shore Lodge Upper Pavilion

6:00 – 7:30 pm

A special thank you to McCall Smokejumper Base
and Base Manager Todd Haynes
and to our master of ceremonies for the evening, former smokejumper Kasey Rose.

 Guest Presenters Included:

(Years Jumped, Total Jumps)

Kasey Rose – (1989-2005 ,  300)

Todd Haynes – (2002 – Present,   472)

Joe Brinkley – (1998 – 2021,  373)

Eric Brundige – (1977 – 2009,   586)

Kyle Esparza – (2010 – Present,  284)

Rick Hudson – (1973-2008,   609)

Eldon Askelson – (1966 – 1978,  116 and Pilot)

Jordan Silver – (Pilot)

Garrett Hudson – (2007 – Present,  368)

Dan Booth – (2007-Present,  308)

Want to learn more about these smokejumpers, plus additional information about Region 4 (Boise, Idaho City and McCall)?  Check out this website:



Basque Cultural Event

Tuesday, March 14 2023




Our guest speaker was Edurne Arostegui
Education Programs Specialist, 

Additional entertainment and knowledge was provided by the
Biotzetik Basque Choir and Oinkari Basque dancers.


Photos Courtesy of Chelsea Tuttle

Elder Wisdom Honoring our Place on Earth

Tuesday, March 8 2022




Our guest speaker were Grandmother Pershlie “Perci” Ami         
and Josiah Blackeagle Pinkham.


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