It’s kind of like stage fright, but a lot more fun.

7 storytellers will tell 7 stories, each 7 minutes.

Alpine Playhouse and McCall Arts and Humanities Council will be hosting three Stage Flight events annually in February, March and April.

Stories Start at 7pm.

Your unique stories take audiences on a personal and shared flight of fancy—seven minutes at a time! The premise is simple (and highly entertaining): Seven storytellers have seven minutes to regale a live audience with a personal story centered on a common theme.



Dates and Themes for Stage Flight 2024


January 17th:  Identity Crisis

Storyteller lineup:  Tuck Miller, Shannon Nelson, Steve Keaveney, Greg Irvine, Milli Walker, Paul Klasner and Betsy Booth.

March 6th:  Forbidden Fruit

Storyteller lineup: Julia Welch, Lida Clouser, Ted McManus, Johanna Stangland, Ryan Heywood, Dana Parker, and Shirley Sampson.

April 24th:  Culture Shock

Storyteller lineup: Todd Daniels, Dawn Matus , Lyle Nelson, Freddy Coriell, Dave Hall , Doug Wyman and Jess Asmussen .


Interested in being one of the story tellers for our 2025 season?  Please contact Melissa Daniels at 208-315-7576. 

We know you have great stories to tell; please share one with us!

Tickets sale out fast grab yours soon……

Ticket Type Price Cart
April 24th: Culture Shock $10 Tickets are sold out.

Ticket sell fast.  If they are SOLD OUT please email to be placed on the waitlist.

Tickets for upcoming Stage Flights do not go on sale until close to the event.  Check back often.  There are no waitlists for events that have not gone on sale, sorry for any inconvience. 


1. Each speaker has a 7-minute time limit—this is very strict, to make sure there’s time for everyone.

2. Each speaker will receive a sound-signal at the 6-minute mark and a “times up” sound-signal at the 7-minute mark (= wrap up NOW).

3. Smiles & loud clapping are highly encouraged.

4. Recommended for ages 17 and up, unless accompanied by an adult.

Stage Flight Story Library



April 2024 “Culture Shock”

Todd Daniels
Dawn Matus
Lyle Nelson
Freddy Coriell
Dave Hall
Doug Wyman
Jess Asmussen

Listen to performances from this show below.

Inspiring Cultural Roads

by Lyle Nelson | 【┘】7:39

Melissa Daniels

April Storytellers Group Photo


Photos Courtesy of Jamie Van Middendorp

March 2024 “Forbidden Fruit”

Julia Welch
Lida Clouser
Ted McManus
Johanna Stangland
Ryan Heywood
Dana Parker
Shirley Sampson

Listen to performances from this show below.

Transgressive Rituals

by Dana Parker | 【┘】7:51

Cold Turkey

by Johanna Stangland | 【┘】7:38

What time is it?

by Ryan Heywood | 【┘】7:48

Mind Body Spirit

by Shirley Sampson | 【┘】8:22


Ted McManus





Photos Courtesy of Jamie Van Middendorp

January 2024 “Identity Crisis”

Tuck Miller
Shannon Nelson
Steve Keaveney
Greg Irvine
Milli Walker
Paul Klasner
Betsy Booth

Listen to performances from this show below.



Photos Courtesy of Jamie Van Middendorp


April 2023 “Lost and Found”

Bill Borg
Stacie Tunison
Maura Goldstein
Amy Holm
Lindsey Harris
Heather Haynes
Ryan Drabek

Listen to performances from this show below.

Dog Town Deliberation

by Amy Holm | 【┘】7:37

February 2023 Group Photo


Rate of Travel

by Bill Borg | 【┘】7:52

Turned Positive

by Lindsey Harris | 【┘】7:59

Disguised Parcel

by Maura Goldstein | 【┘】6:18

Penney's Adventure

by Stacie Tunison | 【┘】7:55

PA System

by Ryan Drabek | 【┘】8:41

March 2023 “Inside Out”

Bre Anderson
Kari St Clair
Katie Morgan
Bruce Rumbaugh
Melissa Maini
Emily Bettin
Irwin Mulnick

Photos Curtsey of Chelsea Tuttle

Listen to performances from this show below.

Ideal Teacher

by Bre Anderson | 【┘】7:16

Access Normal

by Emily Bettin | 【┘】7:12

Gentle Giant

by Bruce Rumbaugh | 【┘】7:23

Stick the Landing

by Irwin Mulnick | 【┘】7:50

February 2023 “Close Encounters”

Ed Roper
Gina Bonaminio
Ken Enochs
Matt Hellhake
Molly Imers
Tenaya Wave
Wes Keller 

Photos Curtsey of Chelsea Tuttle

Listen to performances from this show below.

Spring 2022 “Growing Pains”

Jim Griffith
Neil Baker
Paddy Kinney
Sid Bateman
Freddie Van Middendorp
Sue Lovelace 

Listen to performances from this show below.

Accidental Traveling Salesman

by Neil Baker | 【┘】9:28

1st Year Medical Mishaps

by Paddy Kinney | 【┘】7:07

USS Arizona Dad

by Jim Griffith | 【┘】9:31

Bare Your Chest

by Freddie Van Middendorp | 【┘】7:29

Group Photo Spring 2023

Mother-Daughter Dog Rescue

by Sue Lovelace | 【┘】7:12

Ms Silver Spur

by Sid Bateman | 【┘】7:48

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