It’s kind of like stage fright, but a lot more fun.

Your unique stories take audiences on a personal and shared flight of fancy—seven minutes at a time! The premise is simple (and highly entertaining): Seven storytellers have seven minutes to regale a live audience with a personal story centered on a common theme. Tickets are $7, with optional additional donation to the MAHC. We know you have great stories to tell; please share one with us!

call for storytellers! 

Interested in being a storyteller for our upcoming Stage Flight show? We’d love to hear from you! Please send a short summary of your story (50 words or less!) + a short and fun bio we can use to introduce you to the audience (wacky and unique details welcome!) to, or fill out the form linked below. 


  • Each speaker has a 7-minute time limit—this is very strict, to make sure there’s time for everyone.
  • Each speaker will receive a sound-signal at the 5-minute mark and a “times up” sound-signal at the 7-minute mark (= wrap up NOW).
  • No cursing; no graphically “adult” content.
  • Smiles & loud clapping are highly encouraged.

email + phone


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McCall, ID 83638



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