Celebrating 30+ years of coordinating support for the arts and humanities for the communities of West Central Idaho.

We believe in arts for all. We believe there is infinite hope in our humanities.

Since 1989, the McCall Arts & Humanities Council (MAHC) has existed to help communities in the West Central Mountains of Idaho “flex their imaginations.” Like a physical muscle, a strong imagination must be stretched and conditioned to grow and effect positive change.

The arts and humanities engage our imaginations, allow us to interpret the past, envision the future, and form a foundation for critical thought and pioneering ideas. By flexing our imaginations, we ultimately exercise our own humanity.

The McCall Arts and Humanities Council is proud to be one of the oldest 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations in Central Idaho. Donations to the MAHC are tax-deductible.


The mission of the McCall Arts and Humanities Council is to nurture a community rich in culture and creativity by providing all people access to educational and inspirational programs.


We envision a community that expresses itself imaginatively in diverse ways, welcomes artists and scholars, and supports learning via culture and creativity as an integral part of everyday life.


  • Community Collaboration”: encourage and catalyze collaboration
  • Accessibility”: ensure accessibility to the arts and humanities for all people
  • Economic Viability”: contribute to the local economy through arts and cultural offerings
  • History & Heritage”: celebrate cultural and place-based heritage
  • Opportunity for Imagination”: provide opportunities to exercise imagination
  • Accountability”: practice sound stewardship of financial and cultural resources for future generations
  • Diversity”: encourage diversity in participation and programming
  • Education”: offer education and skill-development opportunities in the arts and humanities

The MAHC supports these values by:

  • Coordinating and conducting instruction in the arts and humanities for all residents and visitors.
  • Facilitating opportunities for local and visiting artists and scholars to teach and/or develop relationships with new and existing program participants.
  • Building partnerships with public education, businesses, agencies, and other organizations to provide experiences in the arts and humanities.
  • Supporting development of public art through partnerships and public dialogue.


In order to support our programs and protect our constituents, the MAHC lists its various policies online. Follow the links below to review our stated policies:

We are driven by several guiding principles:


  • The MAHC acknowledges the arts and humanities to be a valuable cultural and economic asset to our region, rich in ongoing benefits and opportunities for our growing communities and long-time residents.
  • The MAHC recognizes that our region is home to a thriving and diverse community of artists and scholars, and supports all venues which share and showcase their work, including art displayed through public and private partnerships.
  • The MAHC serves residents and visitors of all backgrounds, education levels, nationalities, abilities, and ages throughout the communities of West Central Idaho.
  • The MAHC strives to make arts and humanities instruction, programs, events and experiences affordable and easily accessible year-round to West Central Idaho residents and visitors.
  • The MAHC ensures that all of our arts education fulfills and exceeds education requirements for public education institutions of all levels.

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