March 26, 2023 - April 16, 2023 6:30 pm
Reclaiming Rest
Sunday Evenings, March 26, April 2nd 
and April 16th
Time: 6:30-8:30 PM
Enliven, 409 S Third St, McCall
Katie Morgan
$20 per class or $55 for the three sessions

This event has sliding scale pricing. The goal is for all who need rest to attend. 
Each class will be $20 or $55 for the whole series. 
Partial or full scholarships are available, please email 
if you are in need.

Reclaiming Rest
Our bodies naturally know when and how to rest, and yet we are living in a culture where
terms like “burnout” and “quiet quitting” are commonplace and conditions like depression,
anxiety, insomnia and chronic fatigue are pervasive. Why are so many of us misaligned with
our natural state of rest?
“Rest is an ethos of reclaiming your body as your own. Rest provides a portal for healing,
imagination and communication… What miraculous moments are you missing because you
aren’t resting” – Tricia Hersey, Founder of the Nap Ministry
Join presenter Katie Morgan as she shares her own story of reclaiming rest and offers
insight from her own experience on how you can too. This 3-part series will take you on a
journey to find ways to create your own rest routine.
Please come dressed for rest. Wear comfortable clothing that allows for movement and
temperature regulation. Consider layering your clothing so you can stay comfortable based
on your own body temperature in relation to the space. Slippers or warm socks are also

Creating Calm: In this session we will give our bodies an opportunity to experience rest.
Drawing from the work of Tricia Hersey, author of Rest is Resistance and Wayne Muller,
author of Sabbath, Restoring the Sacred Rhythm of Rest, Katie will create a rest experience to
help you deepen your own understanding and practice of resting the body and the mind.
Prework: (Optional) Listen to the podcast: We can do Hard Things: No More Grind. How to
finally rest with Tricia Hersey.

Barriers to Rest: Why do so many of us find it hard to rest? Why are we so out of synch
with our own natural rhythms? The answer for many of us lies in the truth that we are not
fully embodied. We have forgotten how to truly listen to the cues our body is sending us.
“To know what our bodies need we must first fully inhabit ourselves” Deirdre Fay (MSW),
Becoming Safely Embodied.
In this session we will explore why becoming fully embodied is crucial to our ability to find
rest. Drawing from the work of Deirdre Fay, and others we will practice methods to feel
safe, solid, and secure inside our own bodies without which we will never be able to fully

Building Your Practice: In the final session, Katie will introduce you to a variety of
modalities that she has incorporated into her own rest routine including Somatic
Movement, Breath Work, Sound Healing and Chi Gong. It is important to remember that
ultimately the goal is to help you create your own practice of rest so while many modalities
will be introduced, let your body be your guide when it comes to selecting which (if any)
you may choose to practice at home. Be kind, be gentle and go slow. Rest like any new
habit will take not only practice but time and patience to develop.

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