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It’s kind of like stage fright, but a lot more fun!
The words of your story will take the audience on a personal & shared FLIGHT of fancy!
Just like a beer or wine tasting FLIGHT, the speaker is sure to catch a buzz from being on STAGE!


  • February 8 - Extraordinary Dates
  • March 8 - Encounters with the Supernatural
  • April 5 - "Oh Poop!"


Straight from the Last Frontier comes a community storytelling delight! Rebecca Havens, a new Idaho resident, fell in love with this type of community storytelling while living in Juneau, Alaska. Now a member of the McCall community, she felt compelled to bring this wonderful program to her new hometown where she’s sure it will be a natural fit and new community favorite.

Each Stage Flight event features seven-minute personal stories from seven people on a designated theme. All events will be held at the Alpine Playhouse, 1210 Roosevelt Ave. in McCall at 7pm sharp.

From crass to delicate, told by wallflowers or clowns, live stories are mesmerizing and raw. Don’t think fables, ghost or children’s stories. This is not a theatrical performance, but real life stories from your friends, acquaintances, and - quite possibly - someone you have never met.
Your $7 ticket fee will support the McCall Arts & Humanities Council and the Alpine Playhouse – 2 of your favorite local nonprofits!

And. . . all proceeds from coffee & food sales go to benefit these local organizations, too! (so eat up)

House Rules

  • Each speaker has a 7-minute time limit - this is very strict!
  • Each speaker will receive a sound-signal at the 5-minute mark and a “times up” sound-signal at the 7-minute mark (= wrap up NOW)
  • No cursing; no graphically “adult” content
  • Smiles & loud clapping are highly encouraged

Want To Be A Storyteller?

Each Stage Flight event will have a theme. We know YOU have a great story to tell!!

Fill out this short Storyteller Application



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