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Meet the Artists & SCHOLARS

The MAHC is proud to work with such creative and unique regional artists and scholars. Meet the people behind our classes and programs:

Alexandra Teague

Alexandra Teague is the author of two books of poetry:  The Wise and Foolish Builders (Persea, 2015) --which centers around the story of Sarah Winchester, Victorian heiress to the rifle fortune, and her supposedly ghost-constructed house -- and Mortal Geography (Persea, 2010), winner of the 2009 Lexi Rudnitsky Prize and the 2010 California Book Award for Poetry. The recipient of a Stegner Fellowship, a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, and the 2014 Missouri Review Editors’ Prize, Alexandra is Assistant Professor of Poetry at University of Idaho and an editor for Broadsided Press.  Her website is www.alexandrateague.com

Amy Klinger

Amy Klingler discovered her hidden talents and passion for healthy food shortly after moving from California to Idaho. Being surrounded by the bounty of fresh and local ingredients, Amy embraced food and taught herself the benefits of clean, whole food eating. Through dedication and endless creating, Amy's Whole Food Creations was born and a culinary dream was set into reality in 2004. Amy is a proven executive chef, and gained valuable experience with hands-on culinary training at local, fine dining restaurants. She is currently the Executive Chef at a local, award-winning catering company, and has been the personal chef to prestigious wineries and clientele since 2004. In 2008, Amy was a Harvest Fair award winner. Find out more at www.amyswholefoodcreations.com.

Anjel Griggs

Anjel Griggs is the maestro behind the Boise Grange, and teacher of “Lost Lore and Survival Arts.” She has won more than fifty ribbons at the Western Idaho Fair for her presentation, preservation, and preparation of jams and jellies, pickles, salsa, jerky, dried fruits, cakes, sourdough breads, and various other goodies. Anjel also makes fresh and aged cheeses, yogurt and milk products, herb vinegars and dandelion wines, and exquisite candies and fudges, as well as herbal teas and lotions, bath salts and soaps, home-made candles, hand-made baskets, and other basic skills of contriving. She is a prolific teacher and maker. Find a list of her current classes and more at www.boisegrange.com

Brian Schreiner

Brian Schreiner is a Boise artist whose work has appeared in numerous shows and galleries throughout the state. His work also appears in corporate collections including those of Northwest Bank, Healthwise Corp, Zion’s Bank, and Boise State University in Boise, the City of Meridian, and LaQuinta Hotels Corp in Longbeach, California. His murals and paintings also appear in a wide variety of public art collections, both in Idaho and in California. “To me,” says Brian, “the world is like a kaleidoscope constantly changing and evolving, providing endless sources to use as subject matter in creating my art.” Find out more at www.artofbrian.com or contact Brian at brianschreinerartist@gmail.com.

Floyd Loomis

Idaho native Floyd Loomis is a journalist, publisher, and businessman. His novels Frankie Ravan and Ravan’s Winter have won Idaho Author awards. Floyd holds degrees from the Univ. of Washington in Seattle, Yale Univ. Div., and Berkeley Div. Schools. His poems have been published in various publications including PegasusPoetsWest Literary Journal, and Paraclete. His poetry chapbooks, novels, short stories, and non-fiction works are available in Idaho and Washington bookstores. He is a regular contributor to Idaho Magazine and is finishing two new novels -- The Attic Thief and Confluence of Spirit. He lives with his wife Kristin in Boise. Find out more at http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/FloydLoomis.

Gayle Siegfried

Raised in Idaho, Gayle Siegfried paints the beautiful scenery of the Idaho mountains and valleys. Having loved horses all her life, she enjoys drawing and painting these beautiful creatures as well as other animals.  She loves to travel and paints wherever she goes. Gayle is an author and illustrator of children's books that share her love of horses, history, and art. Gayle's greatest satisfaction is teaching art. She has taught in public schools and has offered many private classes for adults. She is thrilled when students are able to successfully create what they imagine in their minds.  Contact her for class schedules in watercolor or acrylic at gaylesiegfried@yahoo.com or visit her website at www.gaylesiegfried.com

Jillian Kramer

“It is a privilege to share my love of the performing arts with others. I have taught everything from storybook-based creative drama for preschoolers to film production for teenagers to improvisational techniques for seniors. My mission as a teaching artist is to provide high-quality, innovative theatre arts education focused on skills learned and gained self-confidence throughout the process.” Jillian directed the children’s theater production of HONK! Jr. in McCall in 2012, and is a popular Creative Campus visiting instructor each year, working with drama and film-making. Contact Jillian at jillianash@gmail.com

John Bieter

John Bieter graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a degree in Social Science with a concentration in Economics. He completed his Masters degree at Boise State University and his thesis was published as An Enduring Legacy: A History of the Basques in Idaho. John earned his doctoral degree from Boston College where he focused his research and teaching interests on Immigration and Ethnicity, the American West, and American Catholicism. Currently, John is an associate professor of history at Boise State University where he also serves as an advisor for pre-service educators in the College of Social Sciences and Public Affairs, and as Director of the Center for Basque Studies. He can be reached at johnbieter@boisestate.edu

Ken Newman

From small to monumental, Ken Newman sculptures are based on a narratives that express his view of the world and wildlife. Living in Cambridge, Idaho and spending over 32,000 miles on the road each year, his sculpture continues to be collected in the US and abroad and is represented by galleries in Sun Valley, Loveland Colorado and Wyoming. His diverse mediums, wood, mixed media and bronze allows for a variety of subjects from wildlife to figurative works of art.
   Website: www.kennewmansculptures.com
   Blog: http://kennewman.blogspot.com 
   Email: info@kennewmansculptures.com
   Follow him on twitter at www.twitter.com/newmansculpture

Laurel MacDonald

I am a printmaker, and most of my imagery comes from the flowers and vegetables in my garden and the birds that perch in the trees, wade in the creek, and hide in my flower beds.  Typically, I draw these images onto linoleum, cut them out, print them onto paper, and sometimes go in with watercolor to add color to the imagery. You can see more of my images at artfinder.com, or you can contact me at lwinmacd@yahoo.com

Leon Powers

Born on a farm north of Shoshone, Idaho, Leon R. Powers roamed as boy naturalist exploring the foothills and canyons of his Glenns Ferry home. A long-time biology professorship let him hone that passion into a wealth of wildlife studies, which he shares today in his nonfiction stories and books. Since 2008 Leon has been "Doc Hawk", nature writer to millions of readers of the Boy Scouts Boys' Life Magazine. Contact: leon@leonpowers.com or visit WWW.leonpowers.com

Norm Nelson

I have always sought out serene landscapes and wild creatures in Idaho’s pristine wilderness. I backpack in carrying watercolor art materials for quick sketches. From these I create oil paintings using a combination of impasto techniques, some with painting knives, others with more traditional layering approaches. Layers of oil paint add luminance. I am drawn to the heavy, clean texture of oil paint that has been mixed on glass without any influence from medium or brush residue. Norm’s work has been featured in a number of galleries and shows throughout Idaho. Find out more about Norm and his work at www.normannelsonarts.com

Possum Livin

Possum Livin is a Boise, Idaho, based string band bringing you high energy tunes that’ll keep your head ringin. Possum Livin isn't just a band -- it's a lifestyle. Possum Livin's musicians come from all over the US (and Canada. . .) and serve up specials ranging from bluegrass and old-timey traditionals, to raging punk rock. They keep the music and their lives simple. A hoedown’s just a moshpit in overalls! Lace up your boots and get ready for some dancing!  www.possumlivin.com               

Renee Silvus

Renée Silvus brings a unique blend of perspectives as an educator, therapist, and consultant.  She taught for fifteen years at the secondary school level, creating unique and creative curriculum in literature and writing. Since arriving in Idaho in 2004, she has built a thriving bodywork therapy practice, completed a Whole Health Educator™ and Coaching program with the National Institute of Whole Health and facilitator training with Authentic World San Francisco and Integral Center Boulder.  She has created Luminaire in McCall to offer courses, retreats, community-building events and celebrations. Read more at reneesilvus.com

Theresa Burkes

“I want to communicate emotionally and truthfully to others, but some things are too mysterious and difficult to talk about straightforwardly. So, I try to communicate these things through art. My devices are emotional and cognitive artifacts,  charged spaces or moments, personal and historical references, visual and verbal metaphors -- whatever it takes.” Theresa’s work is diverse, encompassing collage, encaustic, print, and painting. She has been represented in a variety of shows and galleries throughout Idaho, and is currently the president of the Treasure Valley Artists Alliance. Find out more at www.theresaburkes.com

Zella Bardsley

Zella  Bardsley is represented in McCall in public art on the lakefront with her "Stalactites" piece (near Mountain Monkey Business) as well as being represented by Gallery 55. She is represented by ten other Pacific Northwest galleries, as well as a gallery in Galveston, Texas.  Zella works in mixed metals and mixed media. Contact her at zellabardsley@cableone.net. See her work at www.zellabardsley.com



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